Mustang Nutrition Technology is the leading Russian producer of feed and feed additives for farm animals

Mustang Nutrition Technology is the Russian producer and supplier of milk replacers, feeds, feed additives, concentrates, and premixes for cattle, pig breeding and poultry.

The highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction are key priorities for the company.

Comprehensive approach

Our specialists study your farm and offer effective feeding solutions based on modern products and competent support of our experts

Manufacture and quality control

Modern production and our own laboratory help us to achieve the highest quality of our products

Divisional structure

Mustang operates in all regions of Russia. Our divisional structure allows the Company's experts to
reach any farm in the shortest possible time and offer the optimal solution to increase its productivity

Innovations and experience

For 25 years, our experts have been carefully studying the best international practices in the field of
feeding farm animals. They are being trained by the best farming enterprises operating in Europe and
the United States and adapt their experience to the Russian context