An accredited testing laboratory of Mustang Nutrition Technology operates in the territory of the production complex in Gagarin

The laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipment from the world's leading manufacturers

- GILSON high-performance liquid chromatography system;

- Kjeltec protein analyzer manufactured by FOSS;

- HPLC Agilent 1260 liquid chromatography system;

- Agilent 240 FS atomic absorption spectrometer, and other equipment

The laboratory conducts a wide range of research activities

- Organoleptic

- Physical and chemical

- Microbiological

Tests are conducted on the following products: milk replacers, skimmed and sow milk, premixes,
compound feeds, whey, meal, flour, oils, and more than 30 other products

The laboratory has successfully passed accreditation

Mustang Nutrition Technology's laboratory is included in the unified state register of testing

The accreditation certificate is available on our website


The range of researches carried out in our laboratory:

Humidity, %
Solubility index, см³
Lactose content, %
Quantity determination of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms
Protein content, %
Yeast, molds
Cellulose content, %
E.Coli and CGB
Fat content, %
Products solubility, см³
Acidity, см³
Ash, %