Own production

The highest standards and strict quality control at every stage of production, advanced international experience and in-house development allow the factory of Mustang Feeding Technologies to release the best farm animal feed and milk replacers produced in Russia for more than five years.

In 2019, the new Mustang complex for premixes and concentrates will be launched in Stupino (Moscow oblast). This will give an opportunity to a huge number of Russian farms to fully switch to high-quality feed and feed additives of domestic production.

A modern plant in Gagarin, Smolensk region

A fully automated complex for production of milk replacers with advanced process and filling

- Warehouse area: 6,500 m2

- Production capacity: 3,000 tonnes per month

In 2019 the Company's second plant will be launched in Stupino, the Moscow oblast

The complex for production of premixes and concentrates is one of the most modern in Russia.

- 100,000 tonnes of concentrates per year

- 20,000 tonnes of premixes per year